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Carriage drive down tree-lined lane

CARRIAGES & WAGONS for special events

Carriage History - Historically people have used horse drawn vehicles for celebrations since humans first harnessed horses. There is absolutely nothing better!

The shine of our brass, the polished hooves of the horses with carriage decorations add that special touch to any beautiful day. Our horses are the amicable and obedient American Morgan and Belgian breeds. Watching these spirited, sweet tempered horses work enhances the pleasure of any carriage drive.

We have:
Two White Vis-a-vis Carriages
One Black Vis-a-vis Carriage
Oak Wagonette for country style
Oak 2-Wheel Cart for intimate, sweet moments
Large Haywagon for groups of family/friends

Rates: One Hour to Daily Rates – Wedding Prices Start at $350


A variety of ideas and opportunities to travel from the home or hotel to the ceremony and then reception via the horses.

Fresh or silk flowers are available in colors and styles to coordinate with the wedding colors.
beautiful wedding carriage with gray horse
Wedding Horse & Carriage
Horse & Carriage Wedding Party


Whether a corporate picnic or an informal country-themed wedding, horse-drawn wagons add a special experience to the event.

Our Oak Wagonette
Horse-drawn Wagonette

Our Beautiful Custom 2-Wheel Cartmeadowbrook cart

Family Christmas Caroling
wagon with family at Christmas
Christmas Light Tours
Wagon Christmas parade


One of our specialties is Indian/Asian Baraats. We use strong, calm white horses and have made custom costumes for them. Our horse handlers wear traditional clothing to blend in with the ceremony. Prices range from $600 up, depending on the location and time of the event. It's a beautiful ceremony!
Baraat - groom on white horse